Biometric Authentication

Fingerprint technologyBiometric authentication can deliver a very high degree of certainly about “who” an individual is at a level of convenience that is substantially better than a password. As organizations push for more secure passwords in response to increasingly sophisticated attacks, passwords are becoming even less convenient and more costly for organizations to administer and protect.

In order to deliver the promise of increased convenience, biometrics must be reliable and universal — meaning that a single touch is all it takes to authenticate every individual using the system. Unfortunately, conventional biometric technologies fall short of this goal, delivering single-touch true acceptance rates that may be no better than flipping a coin. Multispectral imaging is the breakthrough that enables Lumidigm to deliver single-touch true acceptance rates well in excess of 99%.

Conventional sensors perform a contact-based measurement: areas in contact are presumed to be fingerprint ridges and areas not in contact are fingerprint valleys. This technique is identical to ink and paper which has been used since the time fingerprint identification techniques were discovered more than a century ago. Under ideal conditions, conventional sensors may work well. Unfortunately, the performance of conventional sensors is severely degraded by non-ideal skin condition, poorly defined or damaged fingerprints, and environmental conditions such as dirt or moisture.

Multispectral imaging technology is a direct imaging approach where the object is illuminated under multiple illumination states and an image is collected for each of those states. In biometric authentication, these images are converted into a single two-dimensional fingerprint image and biometric matching is performed. Because multispectral techniques reconstruct the fingerprint from a combination of surface and subsurface information, they avoid all the failure modes associated with conventional fingerprint techniques and deliver superior performance under a broad range of real-world conditions.

Lumidigm’s approach has been field-proven in large-scale, high-throughput applications around the world, from theme park entry to medication dispensing, from border crossings to ATMs. In addition, by combining our high-performance biometric authentication capability with barcodes, liveness detection, trusted devices, and biometric system design services, Lumidigm can deliver complete authentication solutions that are more cost-effective than offerings from conventional biometric sensor companies.

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